Why grow food on your front


With climate change now threatening our food security, the question should really be: why isn’t there more food growing everywhere? -including on the streets and on people’s nature strips.  Our streets are lined with native and ornamental trees which are more often than not the kind which increases our growing fire vulnerability.   I often think how much safer and sensible our suburbs would be if we had more food growing species lining our streets and surrounding residential areas, as these species are also fire deterrent. Such re-thinking of our residential landscape is one of the best investments we can make as individuals taking some responsibility for climate change.

I grow food where I live because I believe it is the best exercise in environmentalism we can practice. Energy descent and climate change needn’t be depressing as we can adapt to a future of low energy by retrofitting our suburbs for sustainability in an effort to develop self-reliance as a community.   This is exciting, and starting a garden on your “nature strip” is a great way to get started, make a clear stance that shows responsible environmental action, and engage with others in the neighbourhood.  The garden can produce vegetables for many years and gradually become an orchard as people take an interest in growing food and establish their own edible gardens at home.

When we begin retrofitting our suburbs together we find many opportunities to contribute with our own personal interests and skills as members of the group we live geographically close to.  This takes time as in recent years we have lost skills, knowledge, and very importantly, the ability to connect with our neighbours.  So now is the time to get out and start growing food where we live. This is new. To grow food on your nature strip may be becoming a trend, yet as with any change, conflict or adversity may arise.   If you are considering starting a garden on your front, it is best to establish whether you want to do this on your own or with neighbour, as the two options will take you down different paths, for more see:

Rules on Nature Strips and Gardens

Paula Ajuria

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